If you choose to host your own configuration file; when you first take a look at it, you will see something that resembles the following:

  "configurations": [
      "key": "theme.colorPalette",
      "value": "dhcl-virginia-mason"
  "options": []

Main Configurations

We have pre-defined color palettes already chosen for you, but you may define your own and put them in the "value" block of the main configuration object.


Options are a pre-defined list of features that you may choose to either opt in, or opt out of. As of right now there are no options available as the Find a Location application is still under active development; however, once implemented, the options array may look something like this:

"options": [
  "showProviderRatings": true,
  "minimumSearchDistanceInMiles": 50,
  "customHeaderText": "My custom header",

Please note that the options above are for illustration purposes only--they are not options that are necessarily implemented. These are only examples designed to show you how you will be able to configure your instance of the Find a Location application in the future as more options become available in subsequent releases.

Configuration File Reference

Below you will find a list of all the configuration options that you can use to customize your instance of the Find a Location application.

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